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"The spirit of Wayman lives on. . ."

Ciro Villa, YouTube

New Music!

Red Tiger

Red Tiger Red.jpg

"B's Bounce" from the upcoming Innervision Records album "Red Tiger" is a velvety smooth, soul-jazz jam with a contagious bounce! Blair is bringing that ol' skool funk to make your head bob and your feet move with some additional help from the sweet, jazzy, soul saxophone of Marqueal Jordan. 



Blair joins Doc Hardy to break down his new release "Cerulean Blue"!

Listen Here

This young man is INCREDIBLE!

The Prince of Bass! 

Doc Hardy, WNLK 1350AM


Love your music young man, you are a prodigy and a legend-in-the-making all at once...

Michael Merriweather



He has been called a contemporary Stanley Clarke, a  genius, a phenom, and a musical prodigy.

He's been called a contemporary Stanley Clarke, by none other than Smooth Jazz legend and inspiration Najee. He’s also been compared to Marcus Miller for his writing and producing skills.

When told of these accolades, Blair just shrugs his shoulder and smiles. Looking down at the ground he says “Wow that means a lot. Maybe someday I’ll get there.”  At the young age of 27 that’s pretty heady stuff, but to anyone who knows contemporary jazz music and takes a listen to his ever- growing catalogue, the comparisons are not unfounded.

Blair Bryant is a special musician. Born in Kansas City Missouri and spending his early developing years in Miami, Detroit and Chicago with his parents in and out of churches hearing the best music possible, he has absorbed the full music tradition.  Coupled with his love for jazz, he has demonstrated a musical ability beyond his years, with a specific level of skill, richness and detail in his recordings and compositions.

We already knew with his first 3 releases “New Colours,”  “Gold” and “Cerulean Blue” that this kid could play numerous instruments (14) extremely well. But after getting his degree in Jazz studies from the Music Conservatory in Missouri and as his experience level has grown, it’s time to start talking about him and his virtuosity for what it is- genius level talent.

Accomplished musicians like Najee, Darren Rahn, Blake Aaron, Mike Phillips, Bernie Williams, Nic Colionne, Greg Manning, Jonathan Butler, Poogie Bell and others have remarked on his talents and phenomenal ability to play bass. But the true measure of his gift lies in the emotions that he makes you feel when he plays.

 On “Cerulean Blue” Blair has stepped up his game, working with some of the best in the business, going deeper into his sound and repertoire which feels more like a momentous journey.  


His latest album, “Red Tiger,” scheduled for fall 2021 release, is named after the interesting color and tone of his main instrument, a custom designed 6-string Marco Bass. The album continues his collaborative efforts, working with artist like Marqueal Jordan, Norman Brown and many others.  This project showcases his funk and R&B side, with many lush and amazing horn arrangements reminiscent of Earth, Wind and Fire’s prominent horn section. combined with deep bass grooves. This is a feel good project, meant to raise spirits after a rough couple of years due to Covid and the loss of live music and venues.

While the jazz world has mostly been encouraging and appreciative of Blair’s instrumentality, the release of this new album demands a deeper analysis and recognition of what we are witnessing: none other than the victorious flight of a musical butterfly, resplendent in all his genre redefining ways.    



. . .he’s a walking, talking music machine that represents our musical future. 


Take a listen to what represents tomorrow and our musical future once again as another strong presence makes the scene and impresses. New Colours indeed. Just what the genre invites."

Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride

This album has a steady, smooth cadence that serenades one throughout. Twinkling with that hybrid jazz/R&B blend, the young artist shows that not only is he proficient on several instruments (he plays almost every instrument on this release) but that he knows a thing or two about composing and producing.

Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride


Amazing music keep doing maestro.

Roberto Martinez, YouTube



Multi-instrumentalist Blair Bryant Mixes Smooth Jazz and Fusion With Impeccable Results.

Stacey Zering




LOVE that kid! His music is fabulous and his talent never ending!

Bridie Heff, Facebook


 JUNE  11

San Diego, CA

Smooth Jazz Festival (Najee)

   JUNE    23

Atlanta, GA

Suite Jazz Series 


Kansas City, MO

CD Release Party

JULY    7

Raleigh, NC 


JULY   9

Chicago, IL 


JULY 16  

Winter Park, CO 

Winter Park Jazz Festival (Najee)


San Francisco, CA, 


AUG    6

Atlanta, GA


AUG  27

Milwaukee, WI

Fresh Coast Jazz Festival (Najee)

Blair Bryant est un jeune musicien très talentueux.

("Blair Bryant is a very talented young musician")

ztube41, YouTube



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